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Sophia Benito Brivio is...

The Well Seasoned Chef

 A first generation American born from a Cuban Father and Peruvian/Jordanian Mother, Sophia graduated from The Institute of Culinary Education in New York City.

Her love and passion for food started as a little girl in her grandmother’s kitchen.  Every day was a new culinary discovery from the basics of making mayonnaise and kneading bread dough to cooking huge feasts for the family and friends. Sophia’s weekly childhood visits to her father’s restaurant in Manhattan were forever etched in her with wonderful memories.

With such a rich culinary gene pool, cooking and catering came naturally to Sophia and eventually led her to attend culinary school.  Studying at a Manhattan based school provided many opportunites  to cook in some of the best restaurants in our country.

Cooking and Catering in  New York City has  taught her to appreciate and always expect the freshest seasonal ingredients available. When creating menus you have to expect the unexpected with Sophia.  Traditional dishes get reinvented into unique, bold new creations. 

Chef Sophia lives in New York with her husband Robert and three daughters.

Sophia is a member of the following organizations:
Star Chefs |
International Association of Culinary Professionals |
National Association of Catering
New York Womens Culinary Alliance
National Association of Professional
Sophia also volunteers as a chef at the James Beard House in New York City.